The Importance of Stretching

Have you ever noticed how a dog or cat stretches after getting up from a nap? Well, we need to do that when we get up from the computer or from watching TV...or even from a nap. We need to stretch our muscles to increase our range of movement.

Try to take a few moments during your workday to stretch and see how much better you feel.

Somatic therapy is a form of exercise that is designed to balance and realign the neuromuscular system of the body, decrease muscle tension, restore functional, graceful movement, and improve posture. This approach is also described as repatterning.

With a combination of breath-work, gentle stretching and movement therapy anyone can benefit and feel better and more energized. Combining it with massage and a healthy diet, real changes can be achieved quickly. By allowing the patient or client to take control of their own physical therapy and training, faster healing can take place with benefits lasting a lifetime.